Quids In For Lucky 7s

Dave Donovan, the Principal of official club sponsor Blunsdon Mortgages, has pledged to back Shrivenham Football Club even further in 2021 as he brings Lucky 7s to Barrington Park.

As Blunsdon Mortgages enter their fourth successive year associated with the club, Dave, who has been running the hugely popular competition for over 13-years, spoke at the clubs Committee Meeting on Wednesday evening [28.07.21] to explain the situation.

“I’ve been running the competition since 2008 and for the last five-years it has benefitted the Shots Trust [Aldershot Town FC Supporters Trust] to the tune of over £17000 and that doesn’t include the prize money that participants can win,” he said.

“Sadly, the Shots Trust is being disbanded and through my connection to Shrivenham, it seemed logical to offer the game to Matt [Hirst – club Chairman] so as the profits could be donated to help here at Shrivenham.”

Prior to offering the game to the club, Dave contacted the hundred current participants – many of whom are supporters of Aldershot Town, to see how many would be happy to continue and he has a figure of around ninety who were more than willing to keep on playing which is fantastic.

The game involves participants predicting either a home win, away win or draw (not the actual score) of seven randomly chosen weekend fixtures and emailing your predictions to Dave and the prize pot increases by £10 each week when there is no winner (once the prize is won, the new pot starts at £50).

To make the competition even more competitive, Dave works out league tables and runs a cup competition hand in hand with the predictions already made and there are additional cash prizes involved. 

“Over the years, I’ve built up quite a loyal following of people who play the game because of the fun that it brings and not just because they’re supporters of the club and I do all the work so all participants need to do is submit their predictions each week.

“I workout the league tables and cup results based on players predictions and it’s great fun for everyone involved - the more people that get involved, the more we can raise for the club.”

Lucky 7s cost £1 per entry (each round) and runs over 42 weeks and you can pay weekly or, usually players pay a larger set amount of what they can afford to keep things simpler (don’t worry, Dave will chase you up if you forget!) and the competition is run via email.  This season’s competition gets underway on Saturday August 7 [2021] and entry forms are available from Barrington Park at this week’s home game.

If you can’t make the games, email Dave at donovandk@hotmail.com and he’ll send you the full details - don’t miss out!