The Update Is, There’s No Update

The FA announced their latest update ahead of last weekend [12.02.21] in relation to the potential continuation or curtailment of the 2020-21 season at Step 3 through Step 6 of the National League System (NLS) after the Alliance Committee [Steps 3 & 4] along with the Leagues Committee [Steps 5 & 6] met on February 8-9 [2021] to discuss the data that was collated following the recent surveys circulated to member clubs at this level of the game.

During discussions, the Committees acknowledged the likelihood that the Prime Minister will set out a ‘roadmap’ to the nation on February 22 as to how Government intend to begin to reduce the current Covid restrictions.

Given that any such update from the Government on this date may provide the Committees with additional, relevant information to help determine the preferred route forward, the parties have agreed to reconvene after this date.

In addition, the Alliance Committee are also conscious of the ongoing process the National League [Steps 1 & 2] are undertaking and the potential impact this could have on any actions the Committee may choose to take and as such, they will provide an update in due course.