League Fixture Pause Announcement

With the recent Government revised Tier structure announcements, uhlsport Hellenic League officials have today [01.01.21] announced that the planned league re-start on January 16, is very much now in doubt given the next Government announcement is not expected until January 13.

With member clubs now in either Tier 3 or 4, all face travel and playing restrictions as follows:

Inside Tier 4 areas

No players are permitted to play or train.  Players who reside within Tier 4 areas are not permitted to play for clubs in lower Tiers – therefore, no fixtures are possible.

Inside Tier 3 areas

Clubs within the National League System (NLS) – Premier, Division 1 East and West have an exemption and are permitted to travel to other clubs in the same Tier or below, however clubs do not appear to be willing to do so, based on health and finance concerns which therefore make fixtures unviable.

The Road Ahead

An FA Council meeting is scheduled for early this month, but more immediately, tomorrow [January 2] will see the Chairperson of all Step 5 and 6 Leagues meeting with uhlsport Hellenic League Chairman Bob Dalling, looking to table the following issues:

1.  Policy statement from The FA.

With the infection rate reportedly rising, the Hellenic League cannot realistically see the situation improving in order to allow the return of fixtures.  Realistically, with the infection rate rising, we cannot see situation improving to safely allow matches to take place, for some time.  This will raise issues in how the current season can be completed, when the season will end, how any promotion and relegation can be addressed as well as when the 2021-22 season will begin.

2.  Financial Support.

Many clubs required funding in order to maintain the current status quo.

3.  Step 5 and 6 Restructuring

Planned restructuring from last summer has already been hampered to a degree, a meeting of the NLS and uhlsport Hellenic League will be required.


The League Management pauses League fixtures for the foreseeable future and it will provide fortnightly updates to all member clubs.

When partial or full resumption is possible, member clubs will be given up to ten-days-notice prior to league fixtures recommence.