Chairman Confident Corner Will Be Turned

Shrivenham entered Lockdown 2 last Tuesday evening [03.11.20] with another disappointing defeat – the seventh in eight league games, to remain bottom of the uhlsport Hellenic Premier League standings however, Chairman Matt Hirst continued to remain in positive mood about the future of the club when he spoke to shrivenhamfc.co.uk a week later [Tuesday, November 10, 2020].

“Of course we are concerned about the lack of points, but so is the manager,” he said about the current situation.

“But when you look at the cards we were dealt going in to this season, it’s hardly surprising that results have been poor.

“Chris [Hurley] came in to do a job and we have to be realistic about the challenges he faces – he’s got our full support and this isn’t the dreaded vote of confidence!

“It’s not about a lack of tactics, effort on the training field, or any of those things – he literally came in and had to work with what he had – which was only a handful of players.”

Indeed, opening the campaign with an almost no players on the roster, revenue streams being stifled due to the Covid situation and the future in uncertain times, keeping the club sustainable over the summer months was number one in the priorities during that period and quite rightly, an area the Chairman was determined to focus on.

“First and foremost, at this level of the game you need to get the off-field activities right otherwise there is no club,” he continued.

“It’s a difficult task at the best of times, but under the current circumstances, it was even more of a challenge.

“Fortunately, it’s an area we’ve continued to do well in since I took charge of the club.

“We’ve got a great Committee and although we’ve recently had some changes, we’ve adapted and managed to move to the next level.

“We’ve also got some fantastic sponsors behind us and in a strange kind of way, we can look at this second lockdown as drawing a line under the off-field activities and start to concentrate on how we can help our on-field management teams achieve their targets once everything gets going again.

“We review all areas of everything we do at this club on a regular basis and that puts us in a very good position to be able to react to the things we need focus on and make improvements.

“We lost some of our main fundraising streams this season from our Fireworks Display to not being able to run Watch Parties for the Euros, but we’ve adapted and introduced our own Hoops branded Beer and snacks and we can’t thank our sponsors enough – we know they’re also going through a tough time, but they’ve continued to support us.

“The fans have also continued to come through the gate and stay behind after the game and that helps put money through the tills, so it all really, really helps.”  

Returning his focus on the football, the Chairman concluded:  “We’ve got fantastic senior management teams here at Barrington Park, some really talented players and everyone on our Committee is one-hundred percent behind them all.

“Losing games is frustrating – it’s frustrating for us, for players, for management and supporters, but as I’ve said ever since I took on the Chairman role – this is a long-term project and everyone at this club is playing their part in our efforts to make that step up to the next level and as far as I’m concerned, we are very much on target to achieving that goal.”