Glad To Be British!

Shrivenham Chairman Matt Hirst on the current situation.

Before I comment on our own situation, I’d like to offer our appreciation to all the efforts this great countries citizens are making.

We ALL may need the NHS – Covid-19 or anything else for that matter, in the coming months and God forbid if we were to fall seriously ill, we don’t stand our best chances of survival without the full might of the NHS fighting to save us and that’s scary stuff, no doubting that.

So, I’m glad to be British in these worrying times and I’m also glad that Shrivvy have been working really hard since I took over three years ago.

It feels like we’ve been preparing for these difficult times, with all the effort that we’ve been putting in and I want to reassure people that as a club, we’re in such good shape as a result.

The playing staff have projected the First Team to what is looking increasingly like a confirmed fourth placed uhlsport Hellenic Premier League finish, if the Non-League Paper is to believed - our highest ever placing in the football pyramid which better even’s last season’s amazing achievement.

The Development side may also finish fourth in the uhlsport Hellenic League Two West if the season is concluded without further games being played which will be their best ever achievement and in fairness, I’d have taken that at the start of the season.

The Under 18s have been brilliant this season too as they made the step up to the Corsham Print sponsored Wiltshire Senior Floodlit League and they were pushing hard to win the title, but sadly, we may never know how high they would have finished, but it certainly gives hope for next season.

 They have complimented the Development and the First Team and I believe that they have played a major part in the revival of the clubs fortunes on the pitch.

Val Clinch and the five strong Youth squads were having so much fun, and they have really put our club back on the community footballing map so everything is still heading in the right direction.

Should the recent news prove to be correct, and the season comes to a premature end, I’m very confident that we can start the 2020-21 campaign on the right foot and look to do even better.

To look at how much improvement we have achieved in all areas of what we do on the pitch, is great and makes me so proud.  The club has been completely transformed from how it was and I can only say to everyone involved:  “Well done guys!”

The Committee have also matched the playing side all the way with their relentless approach in all they do.

From Game Day to Work Parties, from looking after our travelling guests, to covering our games on Social Media – we do everything right.

The club is in great shape to enter these uncertain times.

Financially, we’re solid – our brilliant Treasurer Sally Hirst, knows exactly what we have and what we need.

We can sit it out for as long as it takes - she say’s anyway!

We have great people involved in the club and they’re fighters, who will keep the place ticking over by walking by with their dogs and dropping in to check on things, and although the grass will continue to grow and nature will do its worst, we will sort it.

On that front, I’m still hopeful that we’ll get our pitch improvement over the line and who knows, they may even start early if the football is brought to an official close.

Finally, I’d just like to say to everyone, to try and put their spare time to good use.  Enjoy slowing down a little.  There’s nothing we can do about the situation and as Gareth [Davies] would say:  “It is what it is!”

Enjoy the simple things like relaxing in your own space, read a little, learn or try something new and who knows, maybe the world wants us to slow down a bit.

Most of all, take care of yourself and those around you and as soon as we have any news, we’ll let you all know.