Season Ended?

Non-League Paper Tweets that the season has been called off.

Leading non-league information source the Non-League Paper Tweeted at 3:50pm today [Tuesday March 24, 2020] that all Step 5 and Step 6 football has been cancelled with immediate effect, leaving clubs and supporters to ponder “what happens next?”

In their announcement the NLP stated:  “BREAKING:  The Step 5 and 6 seasons are to end immediately.

“The FA Leagues Committee will now decide between PPG promotion/relegation or complete Null and Void of the 2019/20 season.”

Should the information be correct, our very own @Fatbury has worked out that the club will have finished fourth in the uhlsport Hellenic Premier League – based on the Points Per Game method, which will be a new season club record for Shrivenham Football Club.

As of the time of writing, nothing official has been received by the club from either the FA or the Uhlsport Hellenic League officials, but we will of course keep you all up to date as soon as we do receive any updates.